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Flu-Ridden Rhyming (Or: Why I’m Home on a Monday)

This dreaded influenza, it has not flown,
We now have a sickbay of our own—

A home with two humans, both under the weather,
Yet through sickness, health, and flu, still together,
And a rambunctious cat, determined to play,
with the capacity to careen through the house all day.

Yet despite the sneezing, the nose-blowing, and such,
We three are not miserable, at least not much.
We humans may sneeze, and our cat may careen,
And our noses may shine with a mucous-y sheen—

For as long as there’s Paracetamol, and vitamins to chew,
And old, rolled-up socks for our feline to pursue,
And mentholated inhalers to shove up our noses,
We’ll be up and about by Tuesday, we supposes.

(c) Lynette Carpio-Serrano 2013


About Lynette

I write. I take pictures. I teach. And occasionally, I kick and punch.

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